ZZ Top T Shirts

ZZ Top T ShirtGenre: Blues rock, boogie rock, hard rock, southern rock

ZZ Top was formed in the year 1969 in Houston, Texas. Their musical style which is rooted in blues-based boogie rock has often seen elements of arena, southern rock and boogie rock. The band was formed by guitarist Billy Gibbons, drummer Dan Mitchell and bassist Laneir Greig. Greig was soon replaced by Billy Ethridge. However both Ethridge and Mitchell were replaced by bassist, keyboardist and vocalist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard in the year 1969. The band’s line up has been consistent ever since. Signed to London Records in the year 1970, the band released their debut album ‘ZZ Top’s First Album’ in the year 1971. Its follow-up ‘Rio Grande Mud was released in 1972. The band achieved mainstream success with the release of their 1973 album titled ‘Tres Hombres’. Their 1975 follow-up ‘Fandango!’ saw their humorous side and exceptional music capabilities. The American rock band is famous as ‘The Little Ol’ Band from Texas’ in their home state.

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