W.A.S.P. T Shirts

WASP T ShirtGenre: Heavy metal, hard rock, shock rock

The American heavy metal band was formed in the year 1982. The band saw its origin in Los Angeles, California. W.A.S.P. is considered to be the most enduring West Coast bands ever. W.A.S.P. gained exceptional popularity during the 80s. The band gained notoriety for their shock rock themed image and live gigs. W.A.S.P. is also known for fighting with PMRC which is an acronym for Parents Music Resource Center. The eponymous debut album of the band was released in the year 1984 and peaked at #74 on Billboard 200. It went on to receive Gold certification by RIAA. The album ‘The Crimson Idol’ which was released in the year 1992 is still considered as one of the most popular albums of the band. The album charted at #47 on Billboard 200. The band is also famous for touring excessively all across the globe. W.A.S.P. has sold 12 million copies of their albums so far.

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