Your Demise

Your Demise T ShirtGenre: Hardcore punk, metalcore, melodic hardcore

The five-piece band from St. Albans, Brighton and Salisbury in UK started with live gigs in the year 2005. The year 2008 saw the band signing a contract with Visible Noise. The Visible Noise debut studio album was released in the year 2009. ‘Ignorance Never Dies’ was the band’s second studio album after which the band embarked on several European and UK tours. It was only after the tours in 2009 that the band signed with Earache Records in North America and Shock Records in Australia. The band released their latest album titled ‘The Kids We Used to Be’ in the year 2010 through Visible Noise Records. They have been playing songs from the album at various festivals and live gigs. The band is set to release their next venture titled ‘The Golden Age’ in the year 2012 through Visible Noise Records only. The band is also known for touring excessively which has gained them a following.

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