Type O Negative T Shirts

Type O Negative T ShirtGenre: Gothic metal, doom metal, thrash metal

The band saw its active years from 1989 to 2010. Type O Negative ended with the death of the band’s lead vocalist, bassist and principal songwriter Peter Steele. The band gained huge fan following all across the globe with the help of their unique style of gothic metal music. Type O Negative has often incorporated several elements of doom metal and thrash metal in their work along with the band’s primary focus: gothic metal. The band has often been dubbed as ‘The Drab Four’ owing to the use of lyrics and themes which entail romance, depression and death. The 1993 release of the band titled ‘Bloody Kisses’ became a huge commercial success with the album achieving platinum certification by RIAA. The 1996 release ‘October Rust’ also became successful with the album receiving gold certification. The band has so far released seven studio albums, two best of- compilations and a few concert DVDs.

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