Top 5 Rock Bands of the 1970s

Though now seen as Dad rock, the 1970s produced a widely ranging number of highly influential bands. Compared to today and the often anaemic music now labelled as rock, the era of innovation that was the 1970s is something to be astounded at.

So, who were the main players in the era that many of us consider to be a defining era for rock music.

Led Zeppelin

With a line-up that includes Jimmy Paige and Robert plant as well as one of the greatest bass players in John Paul Jones and a drummer like John Bonham, what can you say? From heavier blues inspired rock, to their infamous Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin were the pinnacle of 1970s excess and came complete with their own jet and plenty of debaucheries stories.

Pink Floyd

Though formed in the 1960s – just like Led Zep, Pink Floyd really hit their peak in the mid-1970s with Animals, The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish you were here, before finishing up with The Wall. Not a bad list of albums for one decade really is it? Though, they didn’t use Ibanez guitars they used large bells, excessively adventurous videos and a giant wall to become one of the bands of the 1970s.


Freddie Mercury and Queen began in the mid to the late part of the decade. With the brilliant guitar skills of Brian May and songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, there was nothing really you could say about Queen. Of course, they continued to play into the 1980s and nearly up until Mercury’s death. How many of us have pulled out our air Ibanez guitars to air guitar to some of their solos?

The Sex Pistols

Though far from technically gifted, The Sex Pistols really shook things up in a late 1970s Britain. Their snarl and sheer aggression made them instantly popular with an increasingly despondent youth. They also replaced the increasing complexity of the likes of Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull with their three chords, out of tune guitars clashing away to all sorts of notes and off beat drumming. However, it was a sign of the times and a prime example of the varied landscape the 1970s brought to the music world.

Thin Lizzy

Perhaps not in everyone’s top five bands of the 1970s but probably one of the most loved bands of all time. Thin Lizzie are loved by everyone from Ibanez Guitars playing Steve Vai, who worked with innumerable stars to Guns and Roses and are seen as one of the most influential bands of the ear. With Dublin man Phil Lynott at their fore, and Gary Moore playing lead, songs such as The Boys are Back in Town, Dancing in the Moon Light and I’m Still in Love with you are classics that never lose their allure.

You may have a different opinion, and anyone who loves the 1970s probably will; however that’s our list of five for the decade style forgot but music didn’t.


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