Tips For Booking A DJ

There are a lot of events where a DJ is required to come along and provide the musical backing to fit the specific occasion and there are a few tips that can help you when it comes to choosing the right one to book.

Booking a DJ

Planning any sort of event requires a number of arrangements to be put in place and if you need to have a DJ there then this too can take some time to sort out.


You will have in mind an idea of how you want the night to go and the type of DJ you hire should fit in with this in terms of the theme, and perhaps with their general character too. When you get in contact with the person they should be eager to know the details of the event before they bring up the issue of the price. If the DJ is one who usually performs at more adult functions then of course he or she will perhaps not be the right person for a children’s party. The geographical location will affect the price as naturally it will cost more if they are travelling from far away.

General perception

The impression the DJ gives off when you are discussing your event will give you a good indicator of how much pride they take in their job and how suitable they are likely to be for your function. Hearing from other people who have had them play for them will also be a useful way to judge. Their website or social media profile in many cases says a lot about the level of dedication and attention to detail they possess.

Safety measures

It is certainly important that you ensure the DJ has equipment that is fully PAT (Portable Appliance Test) tested, and you should also check that they have Public Liability Insurance. There are general safety cues to look out for after they have set up on the night, such as how they have placed the wires to avoid possible harm and suchlike, but the PAT is important for any individual or company who uses electrical gear.

Contingency plans

Having a contingency plan in place is always something to consider and when booking a DJ it applies to both yourself and them. Enquire about the quality of equipment they intend to use and if they have a measure in place in the case of any unforeseen circumstances occurring before or during the event. On your side of things, you should look to consider any alternative DJs who may be able to step in if something stipulates that the one you booked cannot be there on the day or night.

Article written by Aimee Knight representing who supply professional PAs, Funktion One speaker systems and an extensive range of other equipment and services for a number of different types of events.