The Making of Cheryl

Cheryl Tweedy, Cheryl Cole or just plain old Cheryl. Whatever the name, she is one of the UK’s most famous people. So, just what were the defining moments of Cheryl’s life that helped to push her into the spotlight?

Popstars: The Rivals

The fame game started in 2002 when Cheryl entered TV talent show Popstars: The Rivals. Out of thousands of hopefuls she was the first to be voted into the group Girls Aloud, closely followed by Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh. The girls all proved to be a hit from day one and have since had 20 consecutive top ten singles, with four reaching number one in the UK charts, as well as two number one albums.


In 2006, Cheryl married footballer Ashley Cole. However, after a string of accusations from women claiming to have had affairs with Ashley (and not forgetting the picture texts he sent them!), Cheryl announced their divorce in 2010. Cheryl’s marriage and more importantly her delay in kicking bad boy Ashley to the curb, was debated far and wide in the UK press.

X Factor

In 2008, Cheryl joined the ‘The X Factor’ TV show replacing Sharon Osborne as a judge and took two of her mentees on to win; Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry. A number of her other mentees have gone on to find success after the show. Cheryl went on to become one of the most popular judges on the show.

Following her success on the X Factor, Cheryl left the UK and headed to the States to become a judge on the U.S. X Factor with mentor and friend Simon Cowell. However, this was short lived and Cheryl was unceremoniously sacked within a matter of days. It seems that the U.S. audiences just weren’t ready (or willing) to understand Cheryl’s Geordie accent. Needless to say her friendship with Simon Cowell also paid the price.

The Brit Awards

Following her separation from Ashley, Cheryl stayed out of the spot light. Her much anticipated first performance following the announcement was at the Brit Awards. Cheryl sure knows how to put on a brave face and stunned crowds not only with how fabulous she looked, but also put on an outstanding performance.

Just Cheryl

Whilst Girls Aloud took a break, the girls all went on to pursue their individual careers – but without a doubt Cheryl is the most successful of all the girls. She has gone on to release a number of singles in her own right. Rumoured to be worth £15m in early 2012, all the hard work and heartache is now clearly paying off!

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