The Charlatans T Shirts

The Charlatans T ShirtGenre: Alternative rock, Madchester, Britpop, Indie rock

The English alternative rock band currently includes vocalist Tim Burgess, guitarist Mark Collins, bassist Martin Blunt, keyboardist Tony Rogers and drummer/percussionist Jon Brookes. The band is popular as ‘The Charlatans UK’ in the United States owing to another 1960s rock band’s claim of the same name.

The former members of the band met a tragic end in a car accident while the band’s fifth album was being recorded. Guitarist Jon Day, vocalist Baz Ketley and keyboardist Rob Collins were the former members who died in the car crash.

Originally the band was formed in West Midlands by bassist Martin Blunt who hired keyboardist Rob Collins, drummer Jon Brookes, guitarist Baz Ketley. Although the origin of band is often confused with Northwich, Cheshire owing to the band’s relocation in to the home town of Tim, some claim their real origins were West Midlands.
The band came up with their first single titled ‘Indian Rope’ in 1990 under their own record label named ‘Dead Dead Good Records’ and went on to release around 11 studio albums which charted in Top 40 in a consistent manner in UK Albums Chart.

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