The Beatles T Shirts

The Beatles T ShirtsGenre: Rock, Pop

The Beatles were one of the most successful and popular bands which were active in the 60s. The band comprised of rhythm guitarist/vocalist John Lennon, bass guitarist/vocalist Paul McCartney, lead guitarist/vocalist George Harrison and drummer/vocalist Ringo Starr. The band was commercially very successful and earned critical acclaim for their amazing works during their active periods. The English rock band hails from Liverpool, England and was formed in the year 1962. John Lennon at a young age had formed a skiffle group and used to play with his school friends. They called themselves BlackJack and then changed their band name to Quarrymen. It was then when Paul McCartney joined the band as a guitarist. George Harrison followed the group as a lead guitarist. Lennon’s school friends left the band in 1959. The band started playing rock and roll and changed their name to ‘The Beetles’ and then ‘The Silver Beetles’ before settling with ‘The Beatles’. The band disbanded in 1970; however, The Beatles are still in demand even after four decades of their break-up.

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