Soulfly T Shirts

Soulfly T ShirtGenre: Thrash metal, Nu metal, Groove metal, Death metal

Soulfly is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Earlier, the lyrics and themes of the band were often inspired from spirituality and religion. However their later work incorporated other themes like war, aggression, hatred, anger and violence. The heavy metal band was formed in the year 1997. The band is led by former Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera. Cavalera left his previous band in the year 1996 to form Soulfly. Soulfly has charted on the Billboard continuously ever since their eponymous debut album was released in the year 1998. Their debut album has also been gold certified by RIAA and went on to reach #79 on Billboard 200. Their second album ‘Primitive’, which was released in the year 2000, peaked at #32 on the Billboard 200. The band has released seven studio albums, one DVD video, one tour EP and several singles so far. The band’s latest work ‘Enslaved’ is set to release in 2012.

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