Sonic Youth T Shirts

Sonic Youth T ShirtGenre: Alternative rock, noise rock, experimental rock, No Wave, post-punk, indie rock

The American rock music band was formed in the year 1981. The current and most recent line-up of the band comprised of guitarist and vocalist Thurston Moore, bassist, vocalist and guitarist Kim Gordon, guitarist and vocalist Lee Ranaldo, drummer Steve Shelley and guitarist and bassist Mark Ibold. The band went into an indefinite hiatus in the year 2011. The earlier years of Sonic Youth’s music career saw the band’s association with No Wave art and music scene in New York City. The band went on to achieve success and fame when they signed a major label DGC in the year 1990. The band is famous for making use of unorthodox guitar tunings and also for preparing guitars with items like drum sticks and screwdrivers which were meant to alter the timbre of the instrument. The band became very famous owing to the release of their major label album ‘Goo’ which was released in the year 1990.

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