Shadows Fall T Shirts

Shadows Fall T ShirtGenre: melodic death metal, heavy metal, thrash metal

The American metal band hails from Springfield, Massachusetts and was formed in the year 1995. The band is considered to be one of those metal bands who take inspiration from the Eastern philosophy and Rastafari culture while writing lyrics for their songs. The band saw several changes in the line-up over the years however they have been consistent most of the times with band members like vocalist Brian Fair, lead guitarist Jonathan Donais, guitarist Matt Bachand, drummer Jason Bittner and bassist Paul Romanko. ‘Shadows Fall’ received a Grammy nomination in the year 2008 in the category of ‘Best Metal Performance’ for their hit song ‘Redemption’ from the album ‘Threads of Life’, which was released in the year 2007. The album had also peaked at #46 on Billboard 200. The band has so far released around six studio albums, two DVDs and two compilation albums. The band is also famous for making unique music videos.

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