Reel Big Fish T Shirts

Reel Big Fish T ShirtGenre: Ska punk, alternative rock, third wave ska

The American ska punk band hails from Huntington Beach, California. The band is more famous for their 1997 release ‘Sell Out’ which became a huge hit and earned the band worldwide recognition. The band came up with their first demo titled ‘In The Good Old Days’ in the year 1992. Their debut album ‘Everything Sucks’ was self-released in the year 1995 and became very successful and became an underground hit through direct selling. The band came into the eyes of Mojo Records under which they released the album ‘Turn the Radio Off’ in the year 1996. It was because of this album that the band achieved mainstream commercial success and recognition. Several tours followed the release which earned them huge fan following. The album peaked at #57 on Billboard 200 and stayed on the charts for 32 weeks. The mainstream recognition waned gradually however the underground following still continues. The band is currently independent and has seen several changes in their line up.

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