Razorlight T Shirts

Razorlight T ShirtGenre: Indie rock, Post-punk revival, Garage rock revival

The UK based indie rock band was formed in the year 2002. The band originated in London, England. The current members of the band are lead singer and rhythm guitarist Johnny Borrell, bassist Freddie Stitz, lead guitarist Gus Robertson and drummer David Sullivan Kaplan. Razorlight incorporates several music genres like indie rock, post-punk revival and garage rock revival. The band came up with their debut album titled ‘Up All Night’ in the year 2004 which peaked at #3 on the UK Albums Chart. The album received worldwide critical acclaim for its music. Good reviews were provided by NME, Q magazine and Billboard. The band was also subsequently accused of borrowing ideas from other bands like The Strokes. The unreleased single ‘Somewhere Else’ was released with the re-issued version of the album which peaked at #2. The band’s eponymous album was released in 2006 which became a huge hit and debuted at #1 on UK Albums Chart. Their single ‘America’ also topped the UK Singles Chart.

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