Pixies T Shirts

Pixies T ShirtGenre: Alternative rock

The American alternative rock band was formed in Boston, Massachusetts. Pixies were formed in the year 1986 and comprise of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Black Francis, lead guitarist Joey Santiago, bassist and vocalist Kim Deal and drummer David Lovering. Pixies were very successful in UK and in other European countries. Pixies disbanded in the year 1993 owing to tensions brewing in the band however reunited in 2004. Pixies incorporate indie rock and surf rock elements in their music. The main songwriter of the band is Black Francis who is better known for his unique yowling style as the lead vocalist. The lyrics of the band often feature offbeat objects like extraterrestrials, surrealism and biblical violence. One of the biggest achievements of the band is their popularity in the music world. Many other artists and bands paid tributes after the band broke up. Their reunion saw sold-out tours which again are amongst several greatest achievements of the band.

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