Pavement T Shirts

Pavement T ShirtGenre: Alternative rock, lo-fi, indie rock

The American alternative rock band was formed in Stockton, California. The group comprised of guitarist and vocalist Stephen Malkmus, bassist Mark Ibold, guitarist and vocalist Scott Kannberg, drummer Steve West and backing vocalist and keyboardist Bob Nastanovich. The band recorded five full length albums and nine EPs throughout their active years. Pavement disbanded in the year 1999 when the members of the band decided to pursue other different projects. Pavement was formed in the year 1989. The early work of the band attracted underground attention. The band’s single ‘Cut Your Hair’ which was released in 1994 earned the band mainstream prominence. They continued under various independent labels instead of signing major record labels throughout their career. The works of the band have received worldwide critical acclaim. Many still consider them as one of the best bands that ever lived. The band earned an amazing cult following owing to their quality music.

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