Parkway Drive T Shirts

Parkway Drive T ShirtGenre: Metalcore

The Australian metalcore band hails from Byron Bay, New South Wales and was formed in the year 2002. Parkway Drive has so far released around three full length albums, a DVD, an EP and two split albums. The band released a split EP with ‘I Killed the Prom Queen’ in the year 2003. The band came up with their debut album in the year 2006 titled ‘Killing with a Smile’. Various tours followed the release, which were meant for promotion. In US the album released, the same year after the band signed Epitaph Records. The band also performed at various music festivals and toured excessively. The band managed to generate a fan following however their following intensified with their second album titled ‘Horizons’ which was released in 2007. The band’s latest and the third album titled ‘Deep Blue’ was also released through Epitaph Records in the year 2010 which further increased the popularity of the band.

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