Paramore T Shirts

Paramore T ShirtGenre: Alternative rock, emo, pop punk

The American rock band is more famous for their song ‘Decode’ which was sung for the famous novel-based film ‘Twilight’. It became a nominee for Grammy in 2010. Another song ‘I Caught Myself’ was also featured on the film’s OST. Paramore is extremely popular for several other songs like ‘Ignorance’, ‘Playing God’, ‘Misguided Ghosts’, ‘Looking Up’ and ‘Careful’. The band was formed in the year 2004 and hails from Franklin, Tennessee. The lead singer of the band is Hayley Williams. Paramore also consists of other members like bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York including Hayley. The debut album of Paramore titled ‘All We Know Is Falling’ was released in the year 2005. Their second album ‘Riot!’ was released in 2007. Both the albums earned them worldwide recognition and millions of fan. The band’s highest charting album to date however is ‘Brand New Eyes’ which was released in the year 2009 which went platinum in UK and Ireland.

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