Nine Inch Nails T Shirts

Nine Inch Nails T ShirtGenre: Industrial rock, alternative rock, industrial metal

The band’s name has often been abbreviated as NIN. Nine Inch Nails was formed in the year 1988 by singer, songwriter, composer and record producer Trent Raznor in Cleveland, Ohio. Trent Raznor is the only official member of the band and is responsible for its entire direction. The band incorporates and explores various music genres including industrial rock, alternative rock and industrial metal. The use of electronic instruments and processing has often been done in the production of various songs. The early years of Nine Inch Nails saw a huge fan base in the underworld music. Two of the songs of Nine Inch Nails recorded by Trent have received Grammy Awards and their catalog has reached sales over 30 million albums worldwide. The band is also known for assembling a live band after recording an album. The use of various visual elements like light shows has often been done by the band for emphasis.

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