My Dying Bride T Shirts

My Dying Bride T ShirtGenre: Doom metal, death/doom, gothic metal

The English doom metal band was formed in the year 1990 in BradFord, England. The band has so far released eleven full length studio albums, a demo, three EPs, four compilations, a box set, a live album and a CD/DVD release. The band is considered to be one of the forerunners of death and doom metal genre. My Dying Bride is still incorporating doom metal in their music ever since it was formed. My Dying Bride’s first release was a demo titled ‘Towards the Sinister’ which was then followed by their first single ‘God Is Alone’ released through Listenable. The band released their first EP through Peaceville Records after which the world saw their debut full length album titled ‘As the Flower Withers’ in the year 1992. The band took a hiatus after releasing their experimental album ’34.788%…Complete’ in 1998. My Dying Bride’s latest release is a studio album titled ‘For Lies I Sire’ which was released in March, 2009.

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