Motorhead T Shirts

Motorhead T-ShirtGenre: Heavy metal, speed metal, hard rock

“It’s time to play the game”. Haven’t we heard this a million times? The whole world bows down to this amazing and popular song which also happens to be the entrance music of an equally famous wrestler Triple H. Ever since the song was released, thousands became an instant fan of the music and more than a million followed owing to its popularity. This beautiful piece was produced by, none other than, the exceptionally gifted band named Motorhead.

Motorhead are a rock band formed in the year 1975 by the legendary Lemmy himself. The real name of Lemmy is Ian Fraser Kilmister who happens to be an exceptional bassist, singer as well as a songwriter. There have been ups and downs which the band has faced over the years which saw many departures from the band. However our good old Lemmy always stayed.

With more than 20 albums to their name, Motorhead have never failed to deliver. Their singles like Aces of Spades and Iron Fist are still remembered. No Sleep Til Hammersmith was the first live album by Motorhead which reined for years. The band also boasts of reenergizing heavy metal in the late 70s.

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