Meshuggah T Shirts

Meshuggah T-ShirtGenre: Extreme metal, experimental metal

The renowned extreme metal band hails from Umea, Sweden and was formed in the year 1987. The band primarily consisted of founding members: vocalist Jens Kidman and lead guitarist Fredrik Thordendal who were later joined by drummer Tomas Haake in 1990 and rhythm guitarist Marten Hagstrom in 1992. Dick Lovgren is currently the band’s bassist who joined in the year 2004. The band shot to fame with their 1995 release ‘Destroy Erase Improve’. The album saw fusion of fast-tempo death metal, progressive metal and thrash metal with jazz elements. The band incorporated downtuned eight-string guitars since their 2002 release ‘Nothing’. The Rolling Stone magazine has labeled the band as one of the most important hard and heavy bands. Alternative Press has also named them as the most important metal band of all time. The band’s most commercially successful album ‘obZen’ was released in 2008. Meshuggah has so far released six studio albums, eight music videos and five EPs.

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