Mastodon T Shirts

Mastodon T ShirtGenre: heavy metal, sludge metal, progressive metal

The American heavy metal band was formed in 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia. The band comprises of bassist and vocalist Troy Sanders, guitarist and vocalist Brent Hinds, drummer and vocalist Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher. Mastodon is famous for their distinct sludgy music and also for incorporating progressive metal, unique instrumental passages and vocal harmonies in their music. The band has, to date, released five full length albums. They came with an EP titled ‘Lifesblood’ in the year 2001. Mastodon released their debut full length album titled ‘Remission’ in the year 2002 which entailed hit singles like ‘March of the Fire Ants’ and ‘Crusher/Destroyer’ (featured on Tony Hawk’s Underground). The band’s album titled ‘Blood Mountain’ released in the year 2006 became a major hit and earned huge commercial success. The band’s latest release ‘The Hunter’ released in 2011 debuted at #10 on Billboard 200. Their music has also often been used in different video games.

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