Lacuna Coil T Shirts

Lacuna Coil T Shirt

The Italian gothic metal band was formed in Milan in the year 1994. Originally the band was called as ‘Sleep of Right’ which was followed by ‘Ethereal’ until they finally settled with ‘Lacuna Coil’. The meaning of Lacuna Coil is ‘empty spiral’. The band came up with their eponymous EP in the year 1998 which was later followed by several tours for promotion. The band’s full length debut album happened with ‘In a Reverie’ which was released in 1999. Their second EP titled ‘Halflife’ was released in the year 2000 which retained around five songs. It was only until 2001, when the band came up with their next major release titled ‘Unleashed Memories’. Their work in ‘Comalies’, which was released in 2002, drew the attention of the metal world towards the band. The band’s latest project, a studio album titled ‘Dark Adrenaline’, was released in the first month of 2012 and became a major hit worldwide.

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