Just Why is the Guitar So Popular?

For millions of us around the world guitars are the instrument of choice when embarking on a personal mission to master a musical instrument. But why are they so popular? We look at what the guitar offers an individual that makes it so desirable to learn and something that so many of us enjoy.

Emulating those we look up to

The rich and famous have a massive influence – and not just on the charts. Fashion, trends, diets, jobs – you name it if a rock star’s done it, eaten it or worn it others will follow. This incredibly powerful influence creates a PR dream. In the music world many of the rich and famous are in groups or bands, and many of those in bands play…guitar. The epitome of cool; how much status does one gain from having met, dated or obtained an autograph from a lead singer or lead guitarist? Perceived as sex symbols what they say goes and if they play guitar, then their fans shall play guitar too!

Encouraging creativity

Music is a wonderful thing and developing your musicality is a fabulous and rewarding experience. Expressing yourself in a healthy and fulfilling way encourages creativity and personal or professional progression – or both. In the modern world addiction is rife; there is plenty of negative press portrayed in the news, a healthy hobby and way to encourage creativity is surely welcome in an environment increasing in negativity.

Encouraging social engagement and making friends

Playing guitar is a great way to bring people together. Whether you are looking to increase your social group or are united in your admiration of someone in the media, having a common ground with new people, especially if someone struggles socially such as playing the guitar can be a wonderful way to bring people together.

Improving motor skills

Playing the guitar can help to improve motor skills via the repetitive action and learning which combine effectively to produce the smooth action that signifies mastery of the instrument; not an academic skill, helping you to learn this can be a big advantage of playing the guitar.

A relaxing and healthy hobby

You don’t gamble away all your money, damage your body as with drug use or lose your job as is frequent with alcohol. As far as hobbies go, even if it turns into a bit of an addiction it’s a pretty healthy one! After a stressful day it can also be a great way to relax, unwind and regain your composure.

It’s cool!

Of all the instruments you could play you’ve got to admit the guitar is up there amongst some of the coolest. As such a signature instrument it can add some serious status to those that master it.

Easy to obtain

It’s doesn’t present the mobility challenges of a grand piano and aside from a case with an awkward shape you can take it pretty much anywhere. The ability to travel round with it fairly easily surely helps to contribute to its popularity too.

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