Judas Priest T Shirt

Judas Priest T ShirtGenre: Rock, jazz fusion, progressive rock, hard rock, soft rock

The English heavy metal band hails from Birmingham, England and was formed in the year 1969. The band is most famous for their twin lead guitar style and introduction of S&M leather and stud looks in heavy metal. Judas Priest has sold over 50 million albums worldwide so far. The band announced a farewell tour in 2010 which would then later be followed by their retirement in the year 2012.

The band came into the limelight and achieved huge remarkable commercial success during the 80s.

The band’s current members consist of lead vocalist Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis. The debut album of the band titled ‘Rocka Rolla’ released in the year 1974 marked the band’s music career in heavy metal band industry.

The band has released around 16 studio albums so far. ‘Nostradamus’ released in 2008 was their latest venture together.

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