Jimmy Page and Life before Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page is one of the world’s most influential guitarists and song writers and has had a massive impact on rock music. The founder of the infamous rock band Led Zepplin has numerous records under his belt, as well as being inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. We take a closer look at this multi talented rock star.

Early Years

Born James Patrick Page on the 9th of January 1944, Jimmy Page spent his early years in the West London suburb now known as Hounslow. In 1952 they moved to Feltham and then to Surrey where Page came across his first guitar. While no one knows if the guitar was left behind the previous owners or whether by a friend of the family, but from the age of 12 the young Jimmy Page started playing the guitar. While he took a few professional lessons, the majority of his guitar playing was self taught by listening to records. Page’s influences include Scotty Moore and James Burton who played on recordings made by Elvis Presley.

First Appearance

At the tender of age of 13 Jimmy Page made news when he appeared on “All Your Own” talent search programme which in BBC television in 1957. Any biography will tell you that one of the questions he was asked on the show was what he wanted to do when after school, and he replied: “Biological research [to find a cure for] cancer”.

First Jobs

While there was a lot of busking to be done , Jimmy Page often had his guitar confiscated at school, and while he had a job lined up as a laboratory assistant in nearby Windsor, he ultimately chose to pursue a career in music instead. From here he played in many groups and performed backing vocals to a few singers, as well as spent two yours touring with a band. However, he was struck with glandular fever and had to cut short his touring, which led to Page’s focusing on painting instead.


Jimmy Page continued to perform with numerous bands and, after being spotted one night, he helped record a number of singles. After while he did session work fulltime, and in 1965 he was hired by Rolling Stones manager to act as the house producer. He then did a bit of part time song writing, as well as composing and recording songs, whilst also working as a session musician.

While Jimmy Page’s career would take him to recording studios in North London and all around the world, in his early life and career he didn’t have any idea at this point about just how big Led Zeppelin would become.


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