In Flames T Shirts

In Flames T ShirtGenre: Melodic death metal, alternative metal

The Swedish heavy metal band hails from Gothenburg and was formed in the year 1990. The band has so far released around 10 studio albums and a live DVD. As of 2008, the band has sold over 2 million albums worldwide. It is famous for incorporating melodic death metal and alternative metal in their music.

The band was started as a side project by Jesper Stromblad who was concentrating on his then death metal band named Ceremonial Oath. He decided to start such a band wherein he could incorporate melodic metal, something which was not allowed in Ceremonial Oath. In 1993, Jesper quit Ceremonial Oath because of musical differences and began concentrating more on ‘In Flames’.

The band completed its line up with the inclusion of guitarist Glenn Ljungstrom and bass guitarist Johan Larsson. In Flames came up with their self produced debut studio album ‘Lunar Strain’ in 1994. Their initial works saw vocalist from different bands owing to the absence of a vocalist in their band.

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