Hopesfall T Shirts

Hopesfall T ShirtGenre: Post hardcore, melodic hardcore

The post- hardcore band was formed in the year 1998 in Charlotte, North California. Hopesfall initially started as a Christian hardcore band and released their debut album titled ‘The Frailty of Words’ in the year 1999 under DTS Records. The album is considered to be band’s longest album to date however it has been out of print for many years.

The band shot to fame with their EP ‘No Wings to Speak Of’ in the year 2001. Hopesfall released their next venture titled ‘The Satellite Years’ in the year 2002. The band had signed Trustkill Records by then. Also the band stopped considering themselves a Christian band with the release of the album. Under Trustkill record label the band went on to produce two more studio albums titled ‘A Types’ in the year 2004 and ‘Magnetic North’ in the year 2007.

The band however broke up in 2008 with the exception of vocalist Jay Forrest.

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