Holy Moses T Shirts

Holy Moses T ShirtGenre: Thrash Metal

Holy Moses is famous as one of those thrash metal bands which is fronted by a woman. It is a rare view to see a woman performing as a lead in a thrash metal band. However Holy Moses, the German thrash metal band boasts of defying the flow with its singer Sabina Classen.

The band was formed in the year 1980 in Aachen, Germany. The band saw its first complete line up with bassist Ramon Brussler, drummer Peter Vonderstein and guitarist Jochen Funders. It was during their high school years when they performed their first gig. The band came up with their first demo the same year. The demo was titled ‘Black Metal Masters’ which earned the band little success. The band saw various changes in the line up over the years.

The debut album of Holy Moses happened in the year 1986 with the release of ‘Queen of Siam’ which was released through independent label Aaarrg.

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