Green Day T Shirts

Green Day T ShirtGenre: Punk rock, pop punk, alternative rock

Few could resist listening to the song ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ when it was released in the year 2004 as a second single of the album ‘American Idiot’.

Green Day stands today as one of the most popular bands of all time and has left a mark in the music industry with their unique quality punk rock music.

The lead singer and lead guitarist of the band Billie Joe Armstrong is the main voice behind the amazing songs that Green Day has so far produced. Bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool are also the current members of the band who stand tall basking in their commercial success with major hits like ‘Wake Me up when September Ends’, ’21 Guns’ and ‘Know Your Enemy’. Tre Cool replaced John Kiffmeyer in the year 1990 prior to the release of Green Day’s second album ‘Kerplunk’.

The band has, so far, sold 65 million records worldwide and won five Grammy Awards.

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