Greatest Guitarists Ever

Frankly we’d rather not get into some sort of bloody battle about the greatest guitarists of all time to pick up a plec on a Fender Telecaster or otherwise. However to stimulate the debate let’s throw in our two cents and name some of the greatest guitarists of all time in absolutely no particular order.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi HendrixHendrix was a real trend setter and we’re not talking about his clothing. Hendrix came from Seattle and toured before setting out on his own in the mid-1960s and literally setting the electric guitar on fire. His ability is absolutely without doubt and to this day many still consider him the greatest guitarist of all time – a heavy compliment considering the competition. However, his versions of All along the Watchtower and Purple Haze are just two of his most amazing songs. Hendrix of course died at the age of 27, like all great rock and rollers tend to do, but left behind quite a legacy and most try to emulate on their Fender Telecaster.


Guns n’ Roses were the main rock and roll band of the 1980s for many and though Axl Rhodes had the ego, for many people it was Slash that had the talent. The English born guitarist was renowned for his dark look and chimney hat, as well as his ability to strum a few notes now and again. From Welcome to the Jungle to Paradise City, his abilities are absolutely to be respected and though he divides opinion, he is certainly among the best. Having lived the rock lifestyle for decades he is even still here to tell the tale though many others aren’t.

Jimmy Paige

Led Zeppelin is possibly the most complete band of all time and a lot of it is down to the sheer ability of Paige. The ability to play absolutely astonishing guitar and Robert Plants siren like voice meant that for many people still Led Zeppelin are many people’s favourite band and Fender Telecaster are still used to play a number of their songs on a worldwide basis. The band of course was not complete without John Paul Jones – an amazing bass player and John Bonham, one of the greatest drummers of all time.

Keith Richards

Being in The Rolling Stones for around four decades and penning some of their greatest songs is enough to place you in the top guitarists of all time. Sticking Mick Jagger for equally as long or longer is probably even more of an amazing feat. However, fair play to Keith Richards he did it and lived to tell the tale, and though there are plenty of tales – he was touch and go for a while.

Pete Townshend

The Who probably created the song of their generation with My Generation and most people recall Townshend’s showman like windmill playing guitar, which should be enough to possibly place him in this list. Go emulate on your Fender Telecaster.


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