Great Merchandise Tips For Your Band

Before your band becomes the next big thing, it’s really important to find as many cool ways to engage with your audience as possible. Building a fan base from the ground up is an integral part to a long term music career, as having loyal fans will mean that you will continue to be in demand, whether you become the next Coldplay or stay underground.

One of the best ways to build an audience is to create merchandise to sell at your gigs. It’s important that these are high quality, so take time to think about the design and how you want to put yourself across before you start thinking about setting a budget an getting the goods made.

If you give away some of your merchandise and have competitions on your website, you stand a really good chance of building a solid audience. The Stone Roses sold guitarist John Squire’s artwork at their early gigs, and look at them now? Here are a few tips for your merchandise ideas:


These should be available via your website and either sold or given out for free at gigs. The demo should include your best tracks and have all of your contact details on it. You never know who might pick one up and want to get in touch. Many bands have met their managers this way.

Posters and Flyers

Every adult remembers their first band poster or flyer, so getting involved in creating some memorable merchandise to promote your band is a great idea. You should be looking to create something eye catching that you can leave in places your fan base are likely to see them and get involved. You should also sell them at gigs so they end up on the walls of your fans.

Wristbands and Badges

Small and simple merchandise items such as wristbands and badges are a superb way of getting your fans involved in you as a brand. These items are small but affordable and always popular, and they’re also very cheap to create.


The tried and tested band t-shirt is one for the ages, and never falls out of fashion. The Beatles sell more T-shirts 40 years after they split up than they ever did while they were performing together, and that is because the band T-shirt is a pop culture icon. You should get your band involved in this right away, as you never know; people might be wearing your T-shirt in 40 years’ time.

About the author: Daley works with Top Wristbands and is a keen music fan. He loves to help creative people get their names out there by any means necessary.