Gary Numan T Shirts

Gary Numan T ShirtGenre: New Wave, synthpop, electronic, industrial rock, gothic rock, darkwave

Born on 8 March 1958, the English singer, composer and musician, is more famous for his top hits of 1979 titled ‘Are Friends Electric?’ and ‘Cars’. Gary Numan’s signature music generally comprised of heavy synthesizer hooks which were fed through guitar effects pedals.

Gary is considered as the pioneer of commercial electronic music. He is also famous for incorporating science fiction themes in his music. His unique combination of aggressive punk energy with electronics is still widely appreciated. Various bands all across the globe try to incorporate his style of music in their works.

Gary saw the limelight at the end of 1970 when he became the vocalist, songwriter and producer for the band named Tubeway Army. He was soon signed by Beggars Banquet Records and came up with two singles titled ‘That’s Too Bad’ and ‘Bombers’ however both of them failed to chart.

Gary later rose to fame with his single ‘Cars’ which peaked at #1 in UK and #9 in US.

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