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Funeral For A Friend T ShirtGenre: Post-hardcore, melodic hardcore, emo

The Welsh post-hardcore band was formed in the year 2001. ‘Funeral for a Friend’ has originated in Bridgend, Wales. The band has, so far, released five studio albums, sixteen singles, one DVD, seven EPs and one compilation album.

In their early days, band signed a contract with Mighty Atom Records and came up with their debut EP titled ‘Between Order and Model’ in the year 2002. Their second EP was released in 2003 titled ‘Four Ways to Scream Your Name’ which became very popular. The same year, the band earned their first Kerrang! as Best UK Newcomer beating ‘The Darkness’.

The debut album of the band happened in the year 2003 which was called ‘Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation’ which earned worldwide critical acclaim. The second album of the band named ‘Hours’ was released through Atlantic Records in the year 2005.

The band’s latest studio album ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ was released in 2011 which was also a major hit.

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