Florence and the Machine T Shirts

Florence and the Machine T ShirtGenre: Indie pop, indie rock, baroque pop, art rock, soul, experimental

The English indie pop band consists of lead singer Florence Welch and other backing music supporters like Robert Ackroyd, Christopher Lloyd Hayden, Isabella Summers, Tom Monger and Mark Saunders.

The debut album of the band entitled ‘Lungs’ was released in the year 2009 which went on to become a major hit all across the world. The album held #2 for the first five weeks on UK Albums Chart. The Album later reached the top position after continuously staying on the charts for 28 consecutive weeks, on 17 January 2010. The album also won MasterCard British Album award at 2010 BRIT Awards.

The music of the band has been described as a combination of various genres like indie pop, indie rock, baroque pop, art rock, experimental and soul. It was BBC which played a key role in promoting the band through their program ‘BBC Introducing’.

The band has also been nominated as Best New Artist in the 53rd Grammy Awards.

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