Fleetwood Mac T Shirts

Fleetwood Mac T ShirtGenre: Rock, blues, blues rock, pop rock, soft rock

The British-American rock band was formed in the year 1967 in London, England. Currently the only original member of the band is the eponymous drummer Mick Fleetwood. John Mcvie, the bassist who replaced temporary bassist Bob Brunning shortly after the band’s formation, is also one of the current members of the band. His surname combined with that of Mick Fleetwood was the inspiration for band’s name.

The band was very successful during late 60s, and in between 1975-1987. Their single ‘Albatross’ released in the year 1969 went on to become UK number one and gained Fleetwood Mac huge popularity.

Another studio album of the band titled ‘Rumours’ released in the year 1977 saw their four singles which reached the US Top 10 singles list. ‘Rumours’ also remained at #1 position on the American Album Charts for 31 weeks and reached the top position in various charts all across the world. Their album also has been able to sell 40 million copies to date making it 8th highest selling album of all time.

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