Fightstar T Shirts

Fightstar T ShirtGenre: Post-hardcore, alternative rock, alternative metal, symphonic rock

The English alternative rock band hails from London, England and was formed in the year 2003. The line up of the band consists of lead vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Charlie Simpson, guitarist/vocalist Alex Westaway, bass guitarist Dan Haigh and drummer Omar Abidi.

The band’s music has been generally considered to be post hardcore in nature although metal, progressive and acoustic elements have often been incorporated in their music. The band displayed their amazing skills with their debut EP titled ‘They Liked You Better When You Were Dead’ released in the year 2005 which received critical acclaim. Ever since that, the band’s three studio albums have constantly obtained top 40 chartings.

The band’s debut album ‘Grand Unification’ released in the year 2006 peaked at #28 on UK Album Charts. The band went on an extended hiatus to pursue their solo careers however the members have recently announced their reunion in 2012 to start working on new projects.

Their songs like ‘Sleep Well Tonight’, ‘Floods’ and ‘War Machine’ are very famous.

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