Fear Factory T Shirts

Fear Factory T ShirtGenre: Industrial metal, groove metal, thrash metal, death metal

The American industrial metal band was formed in the year 1989. The band has, so far, released around seven full length albums and numerous singles and remixes. Their work has often seen various music genres and their combinations like death metal, groove metal, industrial metal and thrash metal.

The band disbanded in the year 2002 owing to disputes amongst the members but reunited a year later. The band boasts of selling more than one million albums in US alone. The band is also known for excessive touring. They have toured around 2000 shows prior to the year 2001. Band’s various albums have made it to the top 40 and 100 in Billboard 200.
Their debut album happened with the release of ‘Soul of a New Machine’ in 1992. Fear Factory has been working currently on their eighth album titled ‘The Industrialist’ which is set to release in the year 2012.

‘Archetype’, ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Replica’ are still very popular and are played everywhere.

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