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Faith No More T ShirtGenre: Alternative metal, experimental rock, funk metal

Considered as one of the most popular American rock bands, Faith No More was formed in the year 1981. However, originally the band’s name was ‘Faith No Man’. Prior to that, band began recording under the name ‘Sharp Young Men’ although they never came up with a release under that moniker.

Formed by bassist Billy Gould, keyboardist Wade Worthington, vocalist Michael Morris and drummer Mike Bordin, the American rock band or group started calling themselves ‘Faith No More’ after an year of its formation. The band saw various vocalists over the years including Courtney Love and Chuck Mosley although the band has finally settled on its current lead vocalist Mike Patton.

The band’s first full length album was released in the year 1985 titled ‘We Care a Lot’ which was preceded by several line-up changes in the band. The band signed Slash Records in 1987 and released ‘Introduce Yourself’. The band tasted amazing success with ‘The Real Thing’.

The band has been nominated three times for Grammy for their performances in ‘Angel Dust’, ‘Epic’ and ‘The Real Thing’.

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