Duff McKagan T Shirts

Duff McKagan T ShirtGenre: Hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, hardcore punk, alternative rock

Duff McKagan is best known for his work in the hard rock band ‘Guns N’ Roses’. Duff McKagan spent around 12 years in the band as the bassist and achieved worldwide commercial success. He also released a solo album titled ‘Believe in Me’ in the year 1993 during his stay in the band. He also formed a short lived supergroup titled Neurotic Outsiders.

During early years of his musical career he played as a guitarist in the band ’10 Minute warning’. After Duff McKagan departed from Guns N’ Roses in the year 1997 he rejoined the band ’10 Minute warning’ for a brief period. Duff later went on to form ‘Loaded’ which is still active in which he performs as a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

During the years 2002 to 2008, he also performed as a bassist for the supergroup Velvet Revolver with his former band mates Slash and Matt Sorum from ‘Guns N’ Roses’.

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