Dragonforce T Shirts

Dragonforce T ShirtGenre: Power metal

The power metal band hails from England and was formed in the year 1999. Dragonforce is famous for their fast and long guitar solos, fantasy lyrics and inclusion of electronic sounds.

Dragonforce has seen various changes in their line up so far with guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman as the only two constant and original members in the band.

Originally the band was called DragonHeart and was formed by guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman. The band soon acquired singer ZP Theart, drummer Matej Setinc, bassist Steve Scott and keyboardist Steve Williams which completed their line-up. The band changed their name to Dragonforce owing to the clash in the name with another band. Dragonforce released their debut studio album titled ‘Valley of the Damned’ in the year 2003. The band later went on to release 3 more studio albums, plus the album named ‘The Power Within’ released on April 15, 2012.

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