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Doro T ShirtGenre: Heavy metal, Hard rock

The female rock vocalist Dorothee Pesch is more popularly known as Doro Pesch or Doro. Originally Doro used to perform for Snakebite.

Doro’s first recording happened with a 7 track demo in 1980 for Snakebite. She later became a member of Beast in 1981 however she left the band a year later to join Warlock. Warlock saw many changes in the line-up over the years however she remained with the band as the only original member. The 5th release of Warlock was Doro’s debut solo album ‘Force Majeure’. The album reached US Billboard 200 with a position of 154.

The contract with Vertigo expired in the year 1995 with four studio albums. She signed WEA and released ‘Love Me in Black’ in the year 1998. 2000 saw a release of her another studio album titled ‘Calling the Wild’ which was released under SPV/Steamhammer.

Her other albums continuously charted in Germany and other European countries though her future ventures never made it to the Billboard 200.

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