Dissection T Shirts

Dissection T ShirtGenre: Black metal, death metal, melodic death metal

Dissection was formed in the year 1989 by vocalist and guitarist Jon Nodtveidt. Originally the band incorporated black metal in their music however their later work depicted melodic death metal.
Formed in the autumn of 1989 in Stromstad, Sweden, the band was able to complete their line up only after the inclusion of lead guitarist John Zwetsloot.

The band came up with their first demo entitled ‘The Grief Prophecy’ which was released in the year 1990. Dissection came up with their first EP in the year 1991. In 1992, the band released their first full-length album ‘The Somberlain’. Dissection signed Nuclear Blast in 1994 and came up with their second album titled ‘Storm of the Light’s Bane’ in 1995.

In 1997 the lead singer Nodtveidt was arrested on charges of involvement in a murder and was imprisoned for 7 years. He restarted the band after his release in 2004.
The band finally disbanded in 2006 owing to the suicide of Jon Nodtveidt.

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