Dirty Pretty Things T Shirts

Dirty Pretty Things T ShirtGenre: Indie rock, post-punk revival, punk rock

The English band was formed in the year 2005 after the band ‘The Libertines’ broke up owing to a dispute between Barat and Pete Doherty. Barat had already worked with the record label named Vertigo Records so he signed a contract with them for a new band ‘Dirty Pretty Things’.

Several problems occurred owing to the name clashes of the band however they were settled with agreement.

The band recorded their first album in Los Angeles, California which was later released in the year 2006. The album became a huge hit all across the globe and reached #3 in major music charts. Maximum singles from the band made it to the singles chart and gained critical acclaim. The band’s second album titled ‘Romance at Short Notice’ was released in the year 2008.

The band announced their separation on 1st October 2008 stating that they were disbanding to try new things. Their final gig ‘The Last Hurrah’ was performed at Astoria 2 in London.

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