DevilDriver T Shirts

DevilDriver T ShirtGenre: Groove metal, melodic death metal

DevilDriver cracked the Billboard with their second album titled ‘The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand’ which reached #117 position when it was released. Ever since that the band has been constantly making it to the Billboard 200 and UK Albums Chart.

DevilDriver was formed in the year 2002 in Santa Barbara, California. The American heavy metal band was originally called as ‘Deathride’ however the band changed their name to DevilDriver owing to name clashes and other copyright issues.

The band came up with their eponymous album in the year 2003. Although their debut album did not score amongst the music critics, the band still managed to earn a fan base. Their second album became a huge success with their music making it to the Billboard 200.

DevilDriver’s ‘The Last Kind Words’, ‘Pray for Villains’ and ‘Beast’ peaked at #48, #35 and #42 respectively on the Billboard 200. The band is also known for making unique, stylish and chic music videos.

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