Deftones T Shirts

Deftones T Shirt Genre: Alternative metal, nu metal, experimental rock

The American alternative band hails from Sacramento, California and was founded in the year 1988. The band consists of the following members namely lead vocalist and guitarist Chino Moreno, guitarist Stephen Carpenter, bassist Chi Cheng, keyboardist Frank Delgado and drummer and percussionist Abe Cunningham.

When Stephen Carpenter was very young he met a car accident and was confined to a wheelchair for several months. He taught himself guitar during this period by playing along to various popular bands like Anthrax, Metallica and Stormtroopers of Death.

Deftones recorded their debut album titled ‘Adrenaline’ in the year 1995 under Bad Animals Studio in Seattle, Washington. Their single ‘Engine no. 9’ is still very popular and played all across the world.
The band has released six albums so far and is considered as one of the best alternative metal bands till date. The band has a huge fan base all across the globe.

Deftones have also won a Grammy in the year 2001 for ‘Best Metal Performance’.

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