Decapitated T Shirts

Decapitated T ShirtGenre: Technical death metal

The death metal band was formed in Krosno, Poland in the year 1996. The current members of the group are guitarist and composer Waclaw Kieltyka, vocalist Rafal Piotrowski and Austrian drummer Kerim Lechner.
The band is considered to be one of the most respected bands in death metal genre. The band boasts of their amazing fan base in the death metal industry.

Decapitated was formed by Vogg and his younger brother drummer Witold Kieltyka when they were quite young. The band was later joined by vocalist Sauron and bassist Martin after which the band signed a contract with Wicked World. The debut album of the band happened in 2000 when they came up with ‘Winds of Creation’. A hiatus was seen in late 2007 when members of Decapitated were involved in a car accident. Vitek succumbed to his injuries and died, while Covan went into a coma.

So far, the band has released around 5 studio albums, a live album, 2 video albums, 2 demos and 2 compilations. Their album ‘Carnival Is Forever’ was released in 2011.

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