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David Coverdale T ShirtGenre: Hard rock, blues rock, heavy metal

David Jack Coverdale is the ‘Whitesnake’.

The English rock singer is known for his work in hard rock band Whitesnake which was founded in the year 1978 in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire. Earlier David used to sing for Deep Purple although he left the band to pursue his solo career.

Born on 22 September 1951, the aspiring singer developed a unique voice which made him popular at the young age of 14. David became the vocalist for the band named ‘The Government’ in 1968. Later he served as a vocalist for Fabulosa Brothers in 1972.

After following his brief stint with the bands, David Coverdale was admitted to Deep Purple and the band released their first album with Coverdale titled ‘Burn’ in 1974. Burn was followed by ‘Stormbringer’ which was released in the same year and peaked at #6 in UK Album charts.

Coverdale followed a solo career after Deep Purple disbanded in 1976 and released his first album titled ‘White Snake’ in 1977.

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