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Dave Mustaine T ShirtGenre: Heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, hard rock

He is the Greatest Metal guitarist of all times. No questions there.

Dave Mustaine used to perform for the legendary ‘Metallica’ as lead guitarist and was also the co-songwriter for the band. He ended up being fired by the band in 1983, although it didn’t stop him from forming another American heavy metal band called ‘Megadeth’. Dave Mustaine is currently the lead vocalist, songwriter and lead guitarist for Megadeth.

Dave’s first real band was Panic which saw him as the lead guitarist for the band. Dave left Panic in 1981 to join Metallica.

He was ranked 89th in the list of 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time by Hit Parader. Dave is so good as a guitarist, no wonder Joel McIver’s book titled ‘The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists’ ranked Dave Mustaine as the no.1 Metal guitarist of all time.
Dave Mustaine is also serving as the manager for the heavy metal band ‘Baptized in Blood’.

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